We provide maintance of your building. We take care of everything in cleaning and maintenance in a professionally way, both indoors and outdoors. You can be confident that your building is cared for in a professional and reliable manner by choosing Eir.

Main Cleaning

At regular intervals, in any business or private home, there will be a need for deep cleaning. Not because the daily cleaning isn't good enough, but because over time, dust and dirt will always accumulate in places that are not visible or easily accessible.

Floor Treatment

Proper maintenance of floors leads to significantly better durability and extends the lifespan of the floor. A properly maintained floor also creates a good impression. Floors are subject to heavy wear and tear and require good maintenance.

Cleaning of temporary housing units

We offer frequency-based cleaning services for construction site trailers associated with building and construction areas. Delivery of consumables such as paper, soap, and similar items can be included in the service

Building Maintenance

We deliver Clean Building according to RIF's RTB handbook with associated described requirements for measurement methods and scope of measurement. The requirements comply with NS INSTA 800. This requires expertise in management as well as qualified personnel for correct execution

IT Equipment Cleaning

If you think your PC is virus-free, you're wrong. There are up to 400 times more bacteria living on a keyboard than on a regular toilet seat. Office environments are pure breeding grounds for microorganisms as we sneeze, cough, shed skin, and so on. Eir Maintenance specializes in gentle treatment of IT equipment as a health preventive and maintenance factor.

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

Glass surfaces require regular cleaning to serve their function and appear as an aesthetic part of the building's facade. The amount of light allowed in is carefully measured, taking into account the working environment and thus the individual's work situation. Unclear windows therefore diminish the appearance of the building and the workplace environment.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Invisible but noticeably negative dust must be removed. Most people have satisfactory cleaning of surfaces that appear dusty to the naked eye.

Clean or Dry Construction

Clean or dry construction is a requirement on most construction projects. A tidy and clean workplace contributes to increased efficiency and ensures safety and well-being at the construction site.

We offer an Clean or dry consultant who monitors the construction site in accordance with the requirements outlined in the Clean or dry handbook. Our clients can therefore rest assured that the requirements are being met. We provide Clean or dry services for all types of buildings.

Facade Cleaning

A building deteriorates over time if it is not maintained. Imbalance in acidity levels from rainwater, environmental pollution, and the like will corrode the material. In addition, there is a risk of mold, algae, and rot damage, which can lead to significantly higher costs in the long run.

Garage Cleaning

We have extensive experience in performing thorough, professional, and efficient cleaning of garage facilities. This cleaning includes both the flooring, walls, and ceiling. Periodic cleaning of garage facilities is an important part of property maintenance.

Graffiti Removal

Our employees are certified. We provide anti-graffiti treatment that prevents graffiti and tagging from adhering as effectively to the surface. This makes it easier to remove.

Caretaker Services

Do you need a helping hand at your facility or construction site? We provide skilled rigging/labor workers who can assist you with any incidental work that may arise during the day. Our employees are accustomed to working on construction sites and know how to handle such a workplace.

Maintenance Plan and Annual Cycle

What is a maintenance plan provided by Eir Maintenance?
All buildings and premises require maintenance and regular periodic cleaning to enhance comfort and preserve the building. Eir Maintenance has skilled employees with extensive experience in performing services that require specialized expertise in the cleaning field.

Lawn and Green Maintenance

For both businesses and housing cooperatives with their own outdoor areas, it is important that these appear clean, neat, and attractive. Plants need to be planted. Bushes and trees need to be trimmed. Flower beds need to be weeded and tended to. Leaves need to be removed, and the outdoor area needs to be swept and cleaned. We create a plan tailored to your facility and ensure that everything looks good throughout the entire season.

Painting Services

We perform painting work indoors and outdoors on new and existing buildings. For us, it is important to utilize the latest technology available. This is to ensure efficiency and to guarantee high quality in the work to be performed.

Roof and Facade Washing

Far too many employees and managers spend their time acting as caretakers when they could be using it for something more productive.

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