Floor Treatment and Maintenance

We perform comprehensive floor treatment and maintenance, regardless of whether it is parquet, carpet tiles, or concrete. Dirt and grime always fall on the floor during a workday, accompanied by all sorts of grit and particles from shoes. Here are some of the services we can assist with in connection with floor treatment.

Scrubbing, waxing, polishing, and cleaning

Floor cleaning must be done thoroughly and effectively. This contributes to removing dirt and stains from the floor, which in turn prevents the accumulation of dust in corners, frames, and under desks or fixed installations.

Oil, impregnation, and other treatments

We offer specialized treatment of all types of floors, including treatments. This protects against wear, moisture, and damage, extends the floor's lifespan, and ensures that the premises look clean and inviting.

Mat service

Regular cleaning of mats is important to maintain the quality of the indoor climate and to prevent what accumulates in the mat over time from spreading into the room.

With solid experience in a variety of different types of premises and surfaces, we are a reliable and safe partner for maintenance services that provide security and ensure that your premises maintain their functionality. We offer treatment and maintenance of all types of floors:

  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl
  • Coating with PUR surface
  • Stone floors
  • Wooden floors

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