We deliver high quality through well-proven and standardized cleaning services, combined with professionally trained employees who ensure a healthy indoor environment. As a customer, you should receive the right expertise for your property, proactive cleaners who see the needs and suggest any necessary changes.

Daily cleaning

Daily cleaning is the foundation of a healthy and hygienic work environment. We understand the importance of regular cleaning to create a pleasant and productive workplace.

Window, Roof, and Facade Cleaning

Commercial buildings require regular maintenance. Part of this maintenance is facade and window cleaning. Washing and cleaning not only enhance the aesthetics of the building, but they also ensure a good indoor environment with clean windows, limit the risk of water damage, and allow early detection of any deficiencies so they can be addressed before significant costs arise.

Construction cleaning

If you are starting a construction project, it's important to follow all cleaning regulations. Maintaining a good working environment during construction and a healthy indoor environment when the building is completed is crucial.

Floor Treatment and Maintenance

We perform comprehensive floor treatment and maintenance, regardless of whether it is parquet, carpet tiles, or concrete. Dirt and grime always fall on the floor during a workday, accompanied by all sorts of grit and particles from shoes. Here are some of the services we can assist with in connection with floor treatment.

In-Depth Cleaning

In-Depth cleaning is a thorough washing of all surfaces to maintain a spotless and healthy work environment. We perform cleaning to ensure a clean, safe, and productive workplace.

Industrial Cleaning

Let our experts clean your commercial building. We offer cleaning of everything from freshwater tanks and ships to warehouses and workshops.

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