Lunch services

Eir's lunch solutions is a combined offering for small and medium-sized businesses. We provide canteen and cleaning services in one exciting solution. You save both time and money and get a service that efficiently meets your needs.

Cafeteria and cleaning in one package

We offer canteen and cleaning services in one package solution. This is particularly beneficial for smaller and medium-sized businesses with simpler canteen needs for up to 80 employees. The service staff are experienced and trained in both canteen and cleaning professions. We streamline service delivery by having one service worker provide both canteen and cleaning services.

You get only one point of contact in daily operations, while knowing that all aspects of both the canteen and cleaning are being addressed. Simple, efficient, and worry-free.


Our goal is to help our customers and guests maintain good health and well-being. We do this by facilitating the intake of healthy and nutritious food. We contribute to the good moments in the workday by delivering healthy and tasty meals with variety, seasonal menus, and value for money.

We use only fresh and delicate ingredients. Our lunch dishes become the highlight of the day for employees.


We provide tailor-made cleaning programs tailored to your company's needs. Through excellent cleaning services, we contribute to high well-being and reduced absenteeism in our clients' workplaces.

We deliver modern cleaning and closely monitor industry developments. Eir Service is ISO 9001:2015 certified and provides Swan-labeled cleaning.

Customer follow-up

Your time is valuable. That's why we tailor the follow-up program based on what suits you and your company. Our operations managers are closely involved and schedule regular visits to ensure the quality of the delivery.

Larger cafeterias?

Please contact our parent company, 4Service.

Don't spend time on cleaning, get a customized offer from Eir.

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