Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning is the foundation of a healthy and hygienic work environment. We understand the importance of regular cleaning to create a pleasant and productive workplace.

Here are some of our services:

Floor cleaning

Clean floors not only provide a better appearance but also prevent dust from spreading. This contributes to better air quality and reduces allergens.

Dusting of surfaces

Removing dust from surfaces improves aesthetics, but also ensures better air quality and reduces potential health problems associated with dust allergies.

Trash disposal

Regularly emptying trash bins is crucial to avoid odors, prevent pests, and ensure a hygienic workplace. This, in turn, creates a more productive workplace.

Cleaning of sanitary installations

Thorough cleaning of sanitary installations is essential to ensure good hygiene and comfort in the workplace.

Infection cleaning

In these times, infection cleaning can be crucial to protect against potential infection cases and maintain safe and stable working conditions.

Furniture and carpet cleaning

We offer regular furniture and carpet cleaning to extend the life of our customers' furnishings and carpets. This means that we carry out deep cleaning of the carpets and the textile in the furniture from time to time or as needed. Impregnation prevents dirt and spills from penetrating into the fibers of the textile.

We offer both cleaning and impregnation of all types of textiles on chairs, sofas, carpets, and curtains.

We know that a clean work environment not only provides better visual appeal but also promotes health, well-being, and productivity among employees. We are here to ensure that your workplace remains clean, safe, and inviting, and that daily routines are carried out with care and precision.

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