Construction cleaning

If you are starting a construction project, it's important to follow all cleaning regulations. Maintaining a good working environment during construction and a healthy indoor environment when the building is completed is crucial.

To maintain a safe and hygienic construction site throughout the project, construction cleaning is a crucial factor. We have specialists in construction cleaning that cover all phases of the project without hindering the work that needs to be carried out.

As-needed cleaning during the construction period

During the construction period, a lot of waste, dust, and other debris from machinery and installations can accumulate. Our as-needed cleaning ensures the regular removal of these and creates a safe working environment for all craftsmen and those involved in the project.

Preparatory cleaning

Before the building is put into use, we perform a thorough preparatory building cleaning. This includes the removal of construction dust, cleaning of surfaces and windows, and ensures that the building is ready for occupancy.

Final clean

Our final cleaning is the last stage before handing over the building. We ensure that all areas are meticulously cleaned and disinfected, and that the building is ready for handover in accordance with the highest standards.

We help you maintain health and safety requirements on the construction site and ensure a productive work environment so the project can proceed as planned. We are your reliable partner for construction cleaning and ensure that your needs are met from start to finish. Do you have specific requirements and needs? Please get in touch, and we will solve it together!

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