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In a time where professional cleaning services are more than just a necessity, Eir Cleaning stands out as a leading player in the industry in both service and quality. With several years of collaboration, Sørlandschips explains how Eir's focus on hygiene, accuracy, and flexibility makes them a perfect choice for businesses that value a high standard of cleaning in their premises.

Long-term collaboration and focus on quality

Quality Manager at Sørlandschips, Stian Stokmo, shares his experiences from the collaboration with Eir: 'It is absolutely crucial for us that the cleaning is performed in a hygienic, precise, and professional manner, since we produce ready-to-eat products. Our customers have very high demands for our products, and therefore we must also place the same high demands on all our service providers. Here, Eir delivers exemplarily.'

Flexibility and adaptability

Sørlandschips emphasizes the importance of flexibility. 'With frequently changing needs, Eir's ability to offer tailor-made solutions and quick response has been invaluable,' explains Stokmo. This adaptability underscores Eir's commitment to meeting the specific needs of customers.

Stokmo further elaborates that there are often needs for extra cleaning, postponement of cleaning, or professional assistance with challenges related to cleaning, but has never experienced this as a problem with Eir.

Eir is a natural choice for all businesses seeking a complete provider of cleaning services.

Eir er et naturlig valg for alle bedrifter som søker en komplett leverandør av renholdstjenester.

Top-class communication

'The communication with Eir is top-class, and they always go the extra mile to meet our needs,' adds Stokmo. The ability to quickly reorganize planned cleaning as needed, especially in periods of unexpected production increases, is important for Sørlandschips.

A complete cleaning provider

For businesses seeking a complete provider of cleaning services, Eir appears as the natural choice. Their commitment to quality, flexibility, and proactivity makes them an ideal partner for any business that values a clean and efficient working environment.

Eir is more than a service provider; they are a strategic partner who understands and meets the unique needs of each customer, setting a new standard in the cleaning industry.

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