Mustad Eiendom AS

For Mustad Eiendom, a family-owned real estate company with a long-term and sustainable focus, the choice of cleaning services fell on Eir. Tina Finstad, project manager at Mustad Eiendom, elaborates on the background of the choice and confirms an efficient and flexible delivery.

Strategic Choice of Cleaning Services

"When we were choosing a cleaning company, we were looking for a company with a good reputation," explains Finstad. With their experience and competence to handle the comprehensive needs of Mustad Eiendom, Eir clearly stood out in a sea of suppliers in the market. Eir was chosen not only for their ability to maintain the common areas at Mustad Eiendom, but also so that the company could recommend Eir further to its tenants. "The capacity and competence were crucial, and we find that Eir delivers quality services consistently and efficiently," says Finstad.

Visste du at korrekt utført renhold bidrar til økt trivsel og redusert sykefravær på arbeidsplassen? Samtidig bidrar det til forlengelse av levetiden til bygningsmaterialer, innredning og inventar.
Tina Jørnberg Finstad, prosjektleder i Mustad Eiendom AS.

Adaptable and Flexible

Eir has shown an impressive ability to adapt to Mustad Eiendom's varied and often "last-minute" needs, especially in complex operating environments. “We greatly appreciate the flexibility of Eir, and they have really excelled in their follow-up in operations,” she further elaborates.

Finstad especially praises cleaning manager Omar Boutakhrit and team leader Mohsin Sebtaoui for what she describes as good cooperation with both customers and their own employees. Finstad recommends Eir for their professional support, flexibility, and efficiency. By choosing Eir, Mustad Eiendom has not only secured a clean working environment but also acquired a cleaning partner that is professional with short decision lines.

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