In-Depth Cleaning

In-Depth cleaning is a thorough washing of all surfaces to maintain a spotless and healthy work environment. We perform cleaning to ensure a clean, safe, and productive workplace.

All-surface washing

Comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces, from floor to ceiling. This eliminates accumulated dirt and dust, creating a healthier work atmosphere.

Interior window cleaning

Crystal clear windows not only provide a satisfying result but also improve natural light conditions in the office and enhance the view for the employees. This improves well-being and increases office productivity.

Dusting of light fixtures

Thorough dusting of light fixtures prevents airborne dust particles and improves indoor climate. It also helps to extend the lifespan of the light sources.

Cleaning of shelves above normal reach

Shelves above normal reach often accumulate dust and dirt, which tends to stay longer than those at eye level. Our cleaning ensures that even hard-to-reach areas are free from dirt, maintaining a high level of hygiene.

In-Deep cleaning is a crucial investment for the well-being and work efficiency of the employees. By conducting daily cleaning and regularly implementing in-deep cleaning once in a while, you are guaranteed a brilliant result, a clean workplace, and a good climate.

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