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A stay with us shall make a positive impression!

Eir Camp provides cost-effective boarding solutions for smaller plants and camps. Here the chef is the hub of the delivery.

We want to provide an experience that creates good memories, a dining experience that makes a difference in everyday life, and provide service that feels genuine.

We do this by never stopping our development, through continuous training, by motivating our employees to provide the best service and by establishing good and verifiable procedures.

When you leave, we want you to already be looking forward to your next visit!

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Our services


Boarding is the sum total of all the welfare services we offer. These include, among other things, booking services, meal services and cleaning.

Key to our delivery is the chef, who acts as your point of contact for all services.



When you arrive at the facility you are met by the chef who registers you in our booking system and gives you the key to your room.

The chef acts as the point of contact for all services, and manages enquiries on everything from food to cleaning.



We serve good, nutritious food to hungry workers every day, and to us it is important that food contributes to create a sense of belonging and well-being away from home.

Variation is important, and we achieve this by preparing seasonal dishes and a varied weekly menu.



A tidy and clean room is a matter of course upon arrival. The same obviously applies to the facility at your disposal. With us you can settle down and relax before a strenuous working week.

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Geir-Inge Seim
Geir-Inge Seim Operations Director West Service office: tel 02517